One Mind Zen is a community of Zen practitioners. We're members of the Five Mountain Zen Order. Our ancestors start with Great Teacher Shakayamuni Buddha, run through Bodhidharma (first Ch'an Patriarch in China) and Huineng (6th Patriarch) to Chinul & Man Gong in Korea.
Zen Master Seung Sahn emigrated from Korea in the early 1970's to become one of the first teachers of Seon (Korean Zen) in America. He was one of the teachers of Ven. Wonji Dharma, founder of FMZO.
Additionally, Ven. Wonji is the the teacher of Taesan Dharma, who in turn is the teacher to the Abbot of One Mind Zen Sangha, Eunsahn Citta. Eunsahn has practiced in the Soto and Seon traditions with Monmouth Zen Circle, Original Mind Zen Sangha, and now as Teacher and Abbott at One Mind Zen. He originally received the Bodhisattva Precepts from Dairyu Michael Wenger in 2009, and was ordained in the Five Mountain Zen Order by Venerable Taesan in 2013..
One Mind Zen practice includes meditation, chanting, bowing, and kong-an (koan) work.
As the One Mind Zen public meditation and service schedule is on hiatus at present, Rev Eunsahn is working with private students, spanning the globe from Sri Lanka to New Jersey, as well as locally in Western Mass.  Additional teaching involves courses at Buddha Dharma University, the on-line seminary of the Five Mountain Order.

Photos from top to bottom:
Shakyamuni Buddha, Great Teacher

Bodhidharma, First Ch'an Patriarch in China

Huineng, Sixth Patriarch

Chinul, Korean Patriarch

Man Gong, Zen Master & teacher of  Seung Sahn

ZM Seung Sahn, Korean Partiarch in the West

Ven. Wonji Dharma, Founder of Five Mountain Zen Order

Rev. Taesan Dharma,  Original Mind Zen Sangha

Rev. Eunsahn Citta, One Mind Zen Sangha

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